Easy Homemade Fresh Strawberry Vodka Cocktails Recipe

Strawberry season is here. Last week I made a Strawberry Ginger Pie. We ate it for dessert, for breakfast and for lunch. Now it’s gone and soon the strawberries will disappear as well.

What better way to savor fresh strawberries all year than with strawberry vodka? It is divinely red and tastes of summer (even though it is cold January). Bursting with infused strawberry essences, you can drink it on the rocks or in a cocktail. Careful. Under that rosy frock is one kicker of drink.

Strawberry Vodka Recipe
Strawberry Vodka Recipe

The best part of this recipe is that it is ridiculously easy. All you do is chop strawberries, add vodka, wait one week and that’s all. It’s ready. It tastes complicated. It’s impressive. It literally takes 5 minutes to make. Go buy strawberries before they are gone and make this. Your friends will love it.

Fresh Strawberry Vodka
Fresh Strawberry Vodka

As you can see in the picture, after one week the vodka absorbed the strawberries’ color and flavor. You don’t want to eat those alien white strawberries…or maybe you had a bad and you really do. But, I don’t recommend it. They are very vodka-y and not strawberry-y at all. I tried.

Ideas for strawberry vodka cocktails:

  • Strawberry martini. (100% alcohol, but deceptively good)
  • Strawberry lemonade.
  • Strawberry screwdrivers
  • Strawberry vodka with rosemary lemon simple syrup and soda water.
  • Strawberry vodka and Mongozo Coconut beer.
  • Anything is possible. Experiment. Make a lot. It disappears quickly.
Strawberry Vodka Cocktails Recipe
Strawberry Vodka Cocktails Recipe

How do you make Strawberry Vodka

5 cups fresh strawberries, hulled and quartered
5 cups vodka
1 large jar

Wash, hull and cut strawberries. Place in jar. Add vodka. Store in a dark place for one week. Shake everyday. After one week, strain vodka. Enjoy!

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